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Roof Replacement & Roof Installation Services

An average (shingle) roofs lifespan is normally approximately 20 years, assuming there is no severe damages before then that require immediate attention. But when residing in a stormy state like Florida, this fact becomes null. When hail & windstorms along with the occasional.

Hurricane come knocking on your door, your roof undergoes a lot of stress and consequently damages. This results in the need for a Roof Replacement much sooner then you think. Hail and Wind alone can pull and blister your shingles, making them weak as time passes and as more storms roll around. 

SRE provides quality Roof Replacements and Roof Installations. whether you need a new roof to replace your old roof or simply need a new roof on your new dwelling, Storm Recovery Experts handles it all.

We want to make sure you're getting only the best and honest work we can provide. Our working system allows us to handle your project with delicacy ensuring you get every bit of what you deserve from a Roofing Contractor. 


Were You Aware That A New Roof Replacement Is A More Cost-Effective Solution?

Normally after a storm passes through and an a proper, qualified roof inspection is conducted and damage is found, the first course of action would be to conduct a roof repair on the damaged or torn shingles and then move on. Unfortunately in the long run this could actually cost you more.

After repairing the damaged areas, the rest of your roof that has undergone the same weather will be weak. You will wind up draining your pockets in repairs. This is especially true when your roof is over 15+ years old. Most of the time it is best to go with a full Roof Replacement, replacing the old, blistered shingles with new ones puts a new lease on your roof.

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