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Roof Tarp Services

The Purpose Of A Tarp Is To Protect Whatever It Is Covering From Rain Or Certain Damages.

Generally, Tarps Can Come In Many Colors And Sizes With Many Different Uses. Roof Tarps Specifically Are Normally Blue And Extremely Large In Size, Enough To Cover A Large Portion Of A Roof. These Specific Tarps Are Used To Protect Roofs After Damage Has Been Done After A Storm Event.

Roof Tarping Requires Man Power To Lift The Very Heavy And Massive Tarp Onto The Roof And Secure It Down Safely. If Not Conducted Correctly, You Could Wind Up Causing More Damage To Your Roof And Also Endanger Anyone Who Passes By. This Is Why Storm Recovery Experts Offers Roof Tarp Services, To Ensure That Your Tarp Is Professionally Secured, Preventing Further Damage And Danger.

Why Blue Tarps?

Blue Tarps are the most common type of tarps bought and purchased through out the markets. But why specifically Blue Tarps? They actually hold some significance in both color and industry. Blue Tarps normally mean they are water resistant, specifically created to be durable against wear and tear. When properly in use can withstand the power of the elements. The color Blue is used mostly by those in construction, landscapers, and farmers. These tarps can also be found in places like Home Depot and Lowes, making them the most easily accessible tarpaulin materials.

There are other kinds of tarps on the market also varying from color. From Mesh to Poly all the way to Black and Red, tarps all have their strong suits. The Blue Tarps strong suit varies in materials.


What Is  Tarpaulin?

Tarpaulin by definition is "a large piece of waterproof materials (such as plastic or canvas) that is used to cover things and keep them dry". Instead of calling it Tarpaulin though, they are more commonly referred to as "Tarps".

As previously stated, Tarps come in all kinds of materials and colors. From polyester to canvas, all their strong suits vary. When it comes to roofing, canvas and polyester tarps are the most used due to their water and wind resistant abilities.

Schedule a  Free Inspection Today!

How will you know if you need a Tarp put on your roof? By the time a leak forms it may be too late and the structural damage of your roof might be compromised. After every storm, as per your roof maintenance routine, a roof inspection should be conducted. 

This inspection will show you if your roof has withstood damages that would need to be protected in order to prevent them from getting worse. 

Like always, SRE offers only the best. Which means our qualified Account Managers are especially trained to be the best; to conduct thorough roof inspections in order to make sure that there are no surprises and nothing to worry about when it comes to the safety of your home. We want to make sure you and your family stay safe. Unsure of the true condition of your roof? Schedule a Roof Inspection with us today and one of our Account Managers will make sure you know exactly what's going on.

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