City Of Winter Garden - Stoneybrook West Gated Subdivision

Stoneybrook West is a Gated Subdivision located in Winter Garden, FL. Along with being a peaceful, gated area, Stoneybrook West is also a Golf Community.

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The community has many amenities along with many events planned by the town center in the subdivision. The town center also offers after school classes, group/personal physical fitness, and music tactics.

Many reviews say that Stoneybrook is a quiet area, a beautiful condominium with the ever growing potential to grow as a community.  

Winter Garden Inspections

Hail damage is difficult to spot and requires an experienced eye.

Your local roof inspector and fellow Floridian, Chris Batten is ready to do a full inspection of your property to let you know exactly what your are dealing with. 

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13957 Eylewood Dr • Winter Garden, FL 34787

Stoney Brook West shingle roof installation


Current 34787 Zip code Storm Data

SRE takes pride in our excellent storm data system. Recent Data has shown multiple storm events that have taken place in the 34787 and Stoneybrook West area.

These specific storm events have left damages on many roofs which have been shown to lead to more storm damage issues in the future.

Stoney Brooke West 2021 storm data


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Storm Recovery Experts servicing Stoney Brook West

At Storm Recovery Experts, our main goal is to surpass the expectations of Homeowners who entrust us with the opportunity to give them the most superior roof on the market. We do this with the collaboration of our expertly trained SRE sales team, skilled and professional Production team, our top notch project management and our strict use of fair business practices.

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