TAMKO®  Shingle Selections

Tamko is a leading independent manufacturer of residential roofing shingles with more than 75 years experience in the industry.

Building Professionals

The popular Heritage® shingle series features the best roofing colors on the market that are backed by a brand name and quality products and processes.

Here are some of TAMKO's best known and most popular products.

Express your style and showcase the beauty of your home with rustic hues and bold textures.

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Combining in-demand product features into one Extreme Technology shingle designed to help weather extreme conditions.

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StormFighter IR shingles boast the industry’s highest wind warranty available in an Impact Rated asphalt shingle.

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Enhance your roof with striking cuts and angular lines.


Complement your home's exterior with standard-size fiberglass shingles.

Roof Accessories

Insist on TAMKO for all your roofing accessories. 


Enjoy the look of tile for a contemporary and refined appearance with a metal shingle.


Create the dramatic look of natural slate in a metal shingle.


Embrace a textured look that mirrors the finish of real wood in a metal shingle. 

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Storm Recovery Experts

At Storm Recovery Experts, our main goal is to surpass the expectations of Homeowners who entrust us with the opportunity to give them the most superior roof on the market.

We do this with the collaboration of our expertly trained SRE sales team, skilled and professional Production team, our top notch project management and our strict use of fair business practices.

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