I’ve lived in so many places, when asked where I’m from, I usually just say, “I’m from the Army.”  Major Jason Conner US Army (retired) with 26 years of service earning 3 bronze stars and the General W. Scott Bronze Medallion.  In my Army Career I spent much of my time working Disaster Relief and  Humanitarian Assistance, in several Latin American and Southwest Asian Countries.  

My family and I returned to Florida in 2017 and landed in Pinellas County.  My partner in life and business is my wife, Carolina and we have two amazing daughters.  

As a Storm Recovery Expert, I feel it’s a continuation of service but now I’m directly serving the communities in our wonderful state in times of need and standing shoulder to shoulder with professionals of the trades providing the highest quality service in every market.

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I just got WOW’ed by this great team of employees. I am very hard to please and they went above and beyond. I don’t get wow’ed very often in my life, but these guys did it!!! Thanks, Mike for your help in getting me a new Roof.


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Our Work in SRE

At Storm Recovery Experts we strive to surpass the expectations of our customers with a superior roof through the use of experienced inspectors, skilled workers, professional project management, and fair business practices.

Storm Recovery Experts

At Storm Recovery Experts, our main goal is to surpass the expectations of Homeowners who entrust us with the opportunity to give them the most superior roof on the market.

We do this with the collaboration of our expertly trained SRE sales team, skilled and professional Production team, our top notch project management and our strict use of fair business practices.

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